About Us

We created carbitual to enable individuals take concrete actions against climate change. Our aim is to make personal action against climate change easier, more intuitive and accessible.

We believe that the world economy is going to need a paradigm shift in order to grow sustainably. Currently, our economy has been increasing its carbon footprint everyday. While the awareness of its impact on earth is rising, it still has not reached a level to bring large institutional changes in our society.
This shift would require changes both at the central level (governments introducing regulations, incentivising eco-friendly innovations) and at a personal level (offsetting footprint, changing habits). That’s why we created Carbitual, a platform that aims to help people make changes at a personal level within minutes.

We coined the term 'carbit' (a naive short form of 'carbon friendly habits') to represent individual habits that could be inculcated in personal life to reduce one's overall carbon footprint. Some examples of carbits are offsetting your daily footprint, consuming less meat, taking less flights and switching to climate friendly brands. Our ultimate aim (and idealisitic vision) is for every individual on earth to have these carbits!

Our Team


We formed carbitual as a result of frequent conversations with our friends and family on how society is reacting to the climate crisis. We slowly came to a realization that many people want to take some personal action against climate change but are unaware of ways to do so. And so we started Carbitual and are working relentlessly to get it off the ground. If you want to help us in any way or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out at contact@carbitual.com