Act on climate change

We plant trees for you to absorb CO2 from the air

Frequently asked questions

How do you plant trees?

We currently use Eden Projects to plant trees all around the globe. Learn more

We are rapdily working on increasing partnerships with other innovative projects to offset your footprint.

How is my money actually spent?

90% of money you spend is used directly in tree planting projects. This includes a small transaction cost that is incurred when you pay.

We use the rest of the money to cover the cost of running our service and invest in marketing so that we can get our product to as many users as we can.

Why did we start Carbitual?

Our mission is to empower people to take concrete actions against climate change. We are building services to make it easy, intuitive and accessible for people to fight personally against the climate crisis.

To learn more about us, click here.

Should we just not fly at all?

We encourage everyone to use cleaner modes of transports like walking or biking wherever possible but realize that it is impractical to avoid long distance travel completely, be it to meet loved ones or conduct business.

We believe the real problem lies not in the need to travel long distances but in the absence of a way to travel sustainably.

How else can I help combat climate change?

Become more climate conscious of the choices you make everyday and help spread this awareness! Here is a great article we would recommend you to read